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12 Ways to Attain Your Beach Body: Part 1

Written by: Tammy LeBoss, The FitPro Foodie
Contributing Writer: Stacy McCarthey |

12 Ways to a Beach Body

Beach Body Simplified

Thinking about putting on that bathing suit but not yet feeling the confidence to do so?

Are you doing all of the right exercises but yet still feeling the bloat? You’re not alone. According to Dr. John Douillard, a recognized leader in the fields of natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine, with the change in seasons, what we eat must also change. If what you’ve been doing in the past month or more hasn’t worked to achieve that beach body, get outside and try a new sport, cut back on sweets and start incorporating fruits and veggies that are in season. To help you attain your best beach body, here are a few more ways to encourage a leaner, healthier and more attractive you:

Know the 80/20 Rule

If the goal is get a leaner, sexier body in a healthy way, understanding proper diet and nutrition is at least 80 percent of the work. The other 20 percent has to do with how we exercise. Results will vary depending on an individual’s biochemistry. Looking for quick fixes is not a healthy answer, but a committed change in lifestyle habits is.

Understand the Carb to Water Relationship

Enjoy your carbs but also know your body chemistry. Every gram of sodium attaches itself to water, and for every gram of carbohydrates, your body will store an additional 29 grams of water (a gram is about the size of 1 raisin). So don’t fret if you’re dealing with stubborn water retention. This could mean you simply need to control your carb intake. Keep in mind when eating carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits and other sugars, your body will hold more water. Whether the carb is processed or not, our bodies will not know the difference, and will retain water regardless.

Proper diet and nutrition accounts for 80% of the results. The other 20% is the exercise.

Hydrate Listening to Your Body

It’s very difficult for most people to get too much water. Although there’s no proven ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution as to how much is adequate, if in doubt if you’re getting enough, carry a half-gallon to gallon jug with you. A good piece of advice from Dr. Eric Berg, DC says simply: to drink when you’re thirsty. The body knows when it’s thirsty! Also, depending on where you are in the world, you may need to increase your water intake during the hot summer months. Those living close to the equator, who are active and sweating more will require more water. No matter where you are, learn to listen to your body when it comes to getting the right amount for you.

Understand the Sodium to Potassium Ratio

When drinking more water isn’t enough to address the bloat, we need to looker deeper, namely at our cells. Excess sodium, hormonal changes, and other factors may cause our cells to hold water. Our bodies’ sodium to potassium ratios need to be a 1:2 (sodium to potassium) as a daily intake. The average American diet consists of way more sodium to potassium. Add potassium-rich foods such as leafy greens and veggies. This can help to balance out body chemistry so we’re less likely to experience the bloat. (NAFC Nutrition Coach)

Commit to Meal Planning

Consistent meal-planning can help us get closer to our beach bodies. When we find ourselves in a time crunch, we didn’t prepare our lunch or dinner, and we’ll grab the quickest ‘road’ food. Unfortunately, when it comes to eating out, we’re most likely eating processed foods which tend to contain huge quantities of sodium and other preservatives. If on the road and forced to eat out, rather than skip meals, plan them. Pack hard-boiled eggs, a can of tuna with low-sodium crackers, or gluten-free protein bars such as Lara, Kind, Vega or raw food bars. Carve out a couple of hours, break out the Tupperware and plan your meals for the entire week.


Eat More Veggies

  Most American adults get nearly twice the daily-recommended sodium limit which causes water retention. Eating more veggies can help flush out excess fluid. Although some may associate vegetables with creating a bloated belly, most vegetables actually do the opposite. Because veggies are rich in fiber, they can help flush out waste, toxins, and irritants. The other great news is they can prevent constipation by keeping the digestive tract moving. Make veggies part of your getting lean program—but not because they’re low in calories but because they really fuel your body with bloat-fighting ingredients such as potassium and water.

Give Your Body a Boost with Supplements

So you’re properly exercising and eating habits are on point, but you’re not even close to your beach body. This could mean that your metabolism needs help. You could try supplementing with dandelion root, juniper berries, kava kava root, or even caffeine as a natural diuretic. Try cycling and use in moderation. Also, remember that every ‘body’ will respond differently, and there’s no way of truly predicting what your body’s response will be. Remember, some supplements can behave as a diuretic; this means, for some people, this will involve flushing out nutrients and essential minerals. Reducing bloat using supplements is never guaranteed and may be approached as a matter of trial and error. Seek a qualified nutritionist or wellness coach and find out what’s best for your body type. Also, get to know the companies that you buy supplements from as raw ingredients are critical for both getting results, but also for your health.

Written by: Tammy LeBoss, The FitPro Foodie
Contributing Writer: Stacy McCarthey |

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