May 2017 NewsBlast | Article 1

03 May 2017 / NAFC

NAFC NewsBlast - May 2017 | Ed 1

Money Clarity: Why Pulling is Way Better Than Pushing

By Tammy LeBoss |

Money Mindset

22 Money Mindset Shifts

Spring is in full swing and it may be time to shift from chaos to control with your money mindset. Money, like seasonal changes, goes in cycles of ups and downs, and losses and regenerations. If you’ve suffered losses, avoid blaming yourself and others for money breakdowns. Chances are, your system just needs an upgrade. Spring is the perfect time to hit reset, tune out the noise pollution, and refocus on your deepest desires.

Start by revisiting your relationship with money. Whether you’re avoiding earning money, afraid of what you might discover by earning more, or simply looking for better systems of money clarity, start with allowing. Allowing is a process of pulling in and thus, inviting into your life what you want, versus pushing which is resistance. You may have also noticed how pushing whether physically or mentally takes a great deal of force, and not easy to sustain. Pulling on the other hand, requires way less energy. Decide now to stop pushing and to start pulling. Below are a few examples of how to practice your new mindset:

  1. Gain awareness into your individual money gifts and sabotage patterns
  2. Increase your savings
  3. Pay attention to what goes in and what goes out, and what should go in and out
  4. Shine light on the reasons you may be spending more than you need to
  5. Calculate your net worth and what types of investments will have the greatest impact
  6. Learn how to invest for retirement and choose the right advisor or broker
  7. Enjoy moving and spending money within reason and budget
  8. Avoid judging those who have more money than you
  9. Stop thinking that rich people are evil, and being wealthy is wrong
  10. Understand that money is not the root of all evil; people who abuse it are
  11. Stop striving to get money or power and start giving back
  12. Don’t be afraid of the potential power and freedom that money can lend you
  13. Tipping is good karma; tipping especially when you don’t have lots of money is moving positive currency
  14. Contribute to the economy by building a business
  15. Feed the economy by creating new jobs
  16. Become an entrepreneur and pull in your tribe
  17. Move world currency; spend a few bucks on the things that matter to your environment & community
  18. You are not your parents; your relationship with money need not be the same as your parents’
  19. Honor the dollar; save it, protect it, spend it in ways that count most
  20. Never assume that people have more money than you; more things often means more debt
  21. Pull in the abundance mindset into your life, especially when you least have ‘things’ 
  22. Fall in love with money; admit that you want it.


Change your mind, change the world

If you struggle with money, you’re like the salmon swimming against upstream currents. Striving for money is a struggle against the currents of life. Striving without understanding your ‘whys’ will lead to frustration. This is why focusing on ‘getting the money’ will never in the end, net us what we want. When we chase money we can never truly create. Acting out of desperation only attracts more desperate acts. If you’re struggling to make money, it’s time. It’s time to change your relationship with money.

As for having things, life does not change when we change its contents; it will only change when we change its context, or how we see it. When we stop striving for money and focus on what what we do best— we’ll be flowing with the currents, not against it. How great would you feel to be able to flow through the currency of life? Let go of the need for ‘purpose’ or ‘passion’, and learn to flow with creative currency. You’ve succeeded when you’ve stopped letting other peoples’ definition of success to get in the way of your desires. And, like the salmon swimming with nature’s currents, with the least amount of effort, you can begin riding your own waves of successes.

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Recipes | Wellness Wednesday

26 Apr 2017 / NAFC

Wellness Wednesday Recipes - April 2017 | Ed 3

Revive to Survive Hangover Cure - 2

By Tammy LeBoss |

Revive to Survive Hangover Cure

After Party or Date Night Hangover Cure

Feeling less-than-ideal after a party or date night gone sour? Perhaps you need a hangover cure. While as fitness professionals, we do not advocate drinking too much alcohol, the reality is people drink. When we drink more than the body can handle, it’s a challenge to avoid symptoms the next day. Sugary drinks producing headaches and brain fog can zap our energy level and focus. As professionals, discourage your clients from drinking too much, if at all. But when they do fall off their nutrition plan, there are some hangover-healthy tips they may greatly benefit from.

Pro tip: Consume a lot of dark leafy greens which contain replenishing vitamins that are lost from alcohol consumption. Also reach for food items high in magnesium and potassium to help rebalance the mind, as well as flush out excess water.

Try this easy recipe and you may find a spring to your step in no time. Drink generously 2-3 throughout the day. Combine the following ingredients:

  • Coconut water (1 large can, 20 oz. or more)
  • Apple cider vinegar (2 TBP)
  • Lemon juice (1/2 to 1 whole lemon)
  • Honey- (1 tsp. or leave out if you don’t want the sugar)
  • Cayenne pepper (1-2 tsp to your taste)

Add 1/2 cup coconut water (CO2 is my personal favorite) to cut the bitterness of kale. Share it with your sweetie, help them watch their waistline and they’ll love you even more.

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Recipes | Wellness Wednesday

12 Apr 2017 / NAFC

Wellness Wednesday Recipes - April 2017 | Ed 1

Revive to Survive Juice Recipe - 1

By Tammy LeBoss |

Revive to Survive Juice Recipe - One

Skinny N’ Spicy Cocktail

So you want to enjoy your party or date night as well as the following day? Be sure to stay hydrated and tame inflammation by eating and living as cleanly as possible. As exercisers, we want to make sure to drink at least half our body weight in ounces of water on a daily basis. During exercise, our bodies lose important electrolytes like potassium, which we need to replenish. Springtime brings with it an overall increase in activity level. And, it’s likely you’ll be invited to parties or a date night. But, what to do to stay on a heathy course? Try these recommendations for supporting your body's recovery, whether post-exercise, party or date.

Spice up your date night and turn your date into a detox.

Jazz it up with new flavors, a kick of spice and throw in some alkalinity for a delicious detox drink. Enjoy it with your sweetie. Kill two birds with one stone and clean out your liver too. Adding apple cider vinegar, turmeric powder, lemon juice, dandelion root or milk thistle to any drink are effective ways for detoxifying the liver. For a powerful antioxidant coverage, the greener you eat the day after indulging on date night, the better.

For your next experience, surprise your date with a healthy yet delicious mock-tail. To extract all of the goodness, if possible, use a slow juicer. Or, use macerating juicers such as a Nutri-Bullet, Juice Man Juicer, or a Vita-Mix.

Have fun prepping, clean ingredients and cut up into about 2-inch pieces. Put the following into juicer:

  • 3-4 handfuls kale
  • 1 green apple
  • 1/2 gala apple
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 1/2 bunch cilantro or parsley
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 Jalapeno pepper (remove the seeds for less heat)

Add 1/2 cup coconut water (CO2 is my personal favorite) to cut the bitterness of kale. Share it with your sweetie, help them watch their waistline and they’ll love you even more.

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